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Facebook business page vs website. This is a decision that many business owners juggle. For many of us, Facebook has been a go to when it comes to finding and reconnecting with friends. Whether it’s an old classmate or your favorite coworker, Facebook is definitely a useful tool for maintaining your social life.

But as a business owner,  is having a Facebook business page better than a website? The simple answer to that is no. A Facebook business page is not better than owning your own website. There are 3 key flaws to relying only on a Facebook page. A Facebook business page doesn’t exude professionalism, it doesn’t give you good customer reach and it doesn’t allow you to own the page. As a rule, a Facebook page should be a compliment and not a replacement for a website. 

Let’s go ahead and dive into these points and iron out these key flaws.


Facebook Business Page Doesn’t Exude Professionalism


First impressions are important for any business. The first impression someone has of your company, sets their level of expectation for the service you’ll provide. These days, someone’s first impression of your business happens online instead of in person. Before someone visits your store or restaurant, they first search online. They search to see if your business has a website and also to check your reviews. If your brand has a professional looking website, the customer has an increased level of confidence and trust in the service you’ll provide.


An online presence helps customers know what to expect and helps build excitement for visiting your business. If your brand doesn’t have a website or is only using a Facebook page, you’re missing an opportunity to truly impress and capture new customers. The lack of an official website can make your company look like it’s finding its footing, instead of presenting it as an established powerhouse.


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Using a Facebook page as the first impression for your brand, also limits you to only show what Facebook can allow you to show. Facebook pages are all created with the classic white and blue template. Because of that template, every page has a similar feel and flow. Besides the logos, nothing about a Facebook page is truly exclusive to a brand. The pages provide a very limited opportunity to showcase your brand’s unique style, energy and vision.


If you want to make your business stand out, don’t leave your first impression in the hands of a Facebook page.



Poor Customer Reach


The second point in the Facebook business page vs website battle, is poor customer reach. Facebook is a “Free” service. You don’t have to pay anything in order to create an account or a business page. But as we all know, nothing in this world is truly FREE. Even though you don’t have to pay to use their services, Facebook still has to pay in order to keep their services available. Since they don’t charge you to use their service, Facebook makes their money through selling ads.


As the current, largest social network, Facebook has billions of active users worldwide. With so many eyeballs visiting the website on a daily basis, they serve as an amazing marketing option for brands. Brands pay for the ability to reach potential customers. The more a brand is willing to pay, the more reach Facebook will give them.


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Small business owners turn to Facebook as a cost effective way to reach current and potential customers. The issue with this strategy is that, since 2013, Facebook’s algorithms have continually reduced the reach of organic posts from business pages. The reduced reach makes it difficult for your page posts to be seen organically on the website. The only option to overcome this reduction, is to pay for Facebook ads to expand your business page reach.


Paying for a website is a bigger investment than a free Facebook page, but the increased reach outweighs the upfront cost over time. With a website, your ability to reach and communicate with your customers is not restricted by Facebook’s algorithms. You can create an email list through your site and communicate directly to your customers, or you can create a blog to update them on the latest happenings. Paired with good SEO strategy, your website can become a customer generating machine!



You Don’t Own a Facebook Business Page


Unlike a website that you create, a Facebook page is not something that you have complete ownership over. When you create a Facebook page, you’re not creating something original of which you have total control. Facebook hosts your page on their website, they give you templates to design your page and your page has to comply by Facebook’s terms of service.


A Facebook page is similar to renting an apartment. You have your own a small space in a big building that’s shared with other people. You can do certain things in your apartment, but you’re way more restricted compared to someone who owns their own home. Having your own website, is like being a homeowner. As a homeowner, you aren’t restricted by the limitations of an apartment building. If you want to change paint colors, tear down walls and get creative with your home, there’s nobody that’s going to stop you.


When you own your own website, you write the rules for how your website operates. Facebook’s restrictions have no hold on you. You’re free to be as creative and innovative as you’d like. When you own a site, you own the content and nobody else can take down your page based on terms of service or any other silly rules.



Wrap Up


So as we conclude this Facebook business page vs website battle, we can see that a Facebook page is not better than a website. A Facebook page doesn’t present the professionalism that you want for your business. Due to their system changes, Facebook pages do not provide you with the customer reach that you need for your business. If you have a Facebook page, you truly don’t own anything. Everything you post is on the Facebook platform and can be removed at their discretion based on terms of service.


So if you’re looking to improve your web presence, make sure you have a quality website. Web design doesn’t have to break the bank. There’s certainly an investment up front, but the ROI can be very rewarding. If you’re looking for affordable web design for your small business, reach out to us here at Shot City Media. We’ll work with you and your budget to make sure your first impression is a great one!


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