Rose Gold Maserati

The rose gold Maserati was a fun shoot for us to do. The Maserati Quattroporte is a beautiful looking car with a unique overall style. Built to be a luxury sedan, this Maserati was given a beautiful make over by the good folks at VB Autoworks. The car was given a new rose gold wrap, that contains some really cool detailed graphics. The graphics highlight some of the different brands that were partnered in the creation of this beauty. You can see the Vossen wheels logo on the side on one of the pictures below. I’d say the attention to detail with the graphics is really what sets this car apart. The graphics give off a street graffiti vibe that works really well with this car.






This shoot was done at a local park near VB Autoworks. It was a beautiful day and the sun was beginning to go down, which gave us some beautiful lighting. It was fun getting some unique angles of the car, but also getting it on the road a bit.


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