Lumix G7 Non Fancy Review

I’ve been using the Lumix G7 for about a month now and I have to say, I am impressed with how much fun its been to use this camera. This post isn’t a super fancy, extra scientific, super detailed review, but just some insight on my experience with the Lumix G7 so far. I chose to buy this camera mainly for its 4K video but have been pretty impressed with it’s all around capability. $500 for a light weight camera that can shoot 4K and still give you some good quality photos is not a bad deal.

I was initially concerned about the quality of the photos prior to buying, but after getting my hands on the camera, it was definitely not an issue. The camera does a great job of capturing clean images and even while using the kit lens, the background blur is fantastic. The 16 MP sensor is able to handle a variety of situations and deliver some solid results. I was a bit concerned about utilizing the micro four thirds system, but so far it has been a very pleasant surprise.

Lumix G7 Photo


I found myself really enjoying my time with this camera. Every time I take it out for a shoot, I am able to uncover another way I can utilize it to create some great videos and images. One of my favorite things about this camera, is just how good it feels in the hand. When I first took the camera out of the box, I didn’t want to put it down because the grip felt so darn good. It was like my hands said, “We live here now!” The Lumix G7 offers a pretty deep grip, which makes it feel very comfortable while shooting. Although it’s a light weight mirrorless camera, the grip is reminiscent of a pretty good DSLR.


Lumix G7 Photo

The camera has a very solid build. All the dials, buttons and components feel great to the touch and are extremely responsive. I love the fact that this camera also has a functional touch screen. The touch screen can be used for everything from settings to zoom and is also able to flip to whatever angles you need. Along with the touch screen, the menu system in this camera is also very good. The menu contains a lot of information, but it doesn’t feel too overwhelming. The camera offers helpful information about each menu item and is simple enough for anyone new to be able to master.

Now the 4K video from this camera is absolutely fantastic. It’s great to be able to capture high quality footage with a camera that doesn’t weigh your entire bag down. The 4K footage can be shot at up to 30 fps and looks very awesome coming from this light weight bundle of fun. Add in a stabilizer for the camera and you have yourself a nice little video setup for all sorts of shooting.

All in all, my time with the Lumix G7 has been very enjoyable. I see myself utilizing this camera in a lot of different situations and continue to explore everything that it’s capable of doing in the field. As of this post, the camera is available on Amazon for right around $500. If you’re in the market for a solid, affordable, 4K capable camera, then definitely check this one out.


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